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Dylan Lux 14” Euro Top Mattress

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Bamboo Fabric

Made from one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available, this extraordinarily soft and luxurious fabric is naturally antibacterial, naturally hypoallergenic, and highly sweat absorbent.

2x Amstar-Cool™ Gel Memory Foam

This temperature-sensitive memory foam responds to your body for optimal pressure-relieving comfort while helping to reduce the heat build-up typically associated with memory foam for cooler, more restful sleep.

Infinity8™ Continuous Coil Innerspring

Only Americanstar produces this extremely durable and supportive 8” innerspring made with continuous coils that run head-to-toe to mirror the natural shape of the body and provide optimal support.

Amstar-Smart™ Convoluted Foam

Our highly-responsive convoluted foam helps evenly distribute body weight to reduce the uncomfortable pressure points that can build up during sleep and cause disruptive tossing and turning.

2-Sided Construction

The Dylan Lux is the only mattress in the Americanstar lineup to feature 2-sided construction, allowing you to flip the mattress to help even out body impressions and normal wear over time.