Experience Vintage Fashion with Mid Century Modern Collection

Mid century modern furniture adds a bizarrely beautiful fashion vibe into your homes, doesn’t it? Those dark & rich colored sofas, solid wood known for exceptional durability, and composition that tends to last for ages – mid century furniture was nothing but sophistication. Discover a wide collection of timeless mid century modern furniture at our outlet Rosen Furniture in suburban Houston.

Originated in the Americas and driven through the lines of extreme detailing and excessive use of natural material, the mid century furniture is truly ageless for rightful reasons. And we believe that’s what has sparked an urge in you for these exquisite furniture pieces. Every article you will discover at our mid century modern furniture store fuses contemporary fashion with the older ones.

The styles, designs, and shades of our mid century furniture are distinctive enough to be recognized at a glance. Although the colors are mostly pale & darker, you can easily find a piece that compliments your interior. The textures and styles exhibit simplicity, but contrasting them with eye-catching wallpapers, textured rugs, and vibrant interior design can blend these two extremes like a pro.

The mid century modern furniture is admired for the extraordinary quality of material, mostly comprising of vintage teak wood. But the later variants have used thin, sleek metal frames to craft furniture sets with a subtle touch of modernity. Whether you require robust metal or sturdy wood furniture, our modern mid century furniture store brings everything at your disposal!

Rosen Furniture is acknowledged for its affordable lines of furniture and modern home accessories. We believe everyone’s desire for in-style furniture should be appeased, particularly the pieces as timeless as mid century. Explore the listing down here and place your order for the best & affordable mid century modern furniture.

Order your most admired item online or visit us in Rosenberg, TX. We serve across the counties of Houston with our versatile furniture pieces.