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Southwestern Harris County hosts the city of Bellaire, which constitutes a part of Greater Houston. A rather huge & infamous city, Houston, surrounds Bellaire, with West University Palace lying just beside the city.

Bellaire has several recreational spots, including the Bellaire Zindler Park spanning across 7.5-acres. But the most notable aspect is the excess of residential apartments & houses in the city, so much so that Bellaire is otherwise famous as “City of Homes”. That’s what has driven the people of Bellaire to look for quality furniture & equipment to upgrade their home standards.

Many dwellers of Bellaire want a complete remodeling of their homes. If you’re one of them, head over to Rosen Furniture and explore your ideal home improvement items.


  • Build a Unique Home in Bellaire

Bellaire is the city of homes, and the residents rightfully deserve a range that takes their home-interior to the next level of modernity. As a dweller of Bellaire, you certainly want your home to stand out in the “crowd”, and Rosen Furniture enables you to achieve that.


  • Versatility in Products

Our furniture is versatile. We have a collection that ranges from high-end luxury to affordable quality products that adorn your interior in style! The more diversity you have in your choices, more is the versatility you will discover visiting the RosenFurniture website.


  • We Serve in Your Vicinity

RosenFurniture serves all over Bellaire, TX, West University Palace, and other areas nearby. Order your ideal furniture right now and get it delivered within a day; that’s how close we are to you!

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Whether it’s hand carving tapered legs, fashioning eye-catching organic curves and geometric shapes, or shaping wood with a nod to the best, Rosen Furniture presents the modern and definitive look of mid century furniture, influenced by iconic architecture. Our design philosophy emphasizes finding a parallel between functionality and aesthetics.

We present our customers with a modern collection of mid century furniture in Bellaire, TX. Select from hundreds of upholstery fabrics, colors, and wood finishes, ranging from authentic crafts to bold or subtle designs. Make your dream creation come to life with our complete customization.